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Water Tracker: Water Reminder QR & Barcode Scanner
Always forget to drink water? Yes, you finally find the right app: Water Tracker & Reminder is designed to help you NEVER FORGET about drinking anymore. Just simply record your intake, and our smart reminder will take care of the rest.

If you still lack drinking water simply because it's so hard to remember, Water Tracker & Reminder will be your final solution. Smart alarms can be automatically set tailored to your daily routine: right after waking up, before/after meals and before bedtime. You'll never miss it!
About us
A mobile app development team focused on making life easier. Our goal is to make your life easier and improve your habits with practical apps.

Now we have:
QR Code Scanner helps you scan any QR code and barcode to obtain the desired information quickly;
Water Tracker sends you daily water drinking reminders to help you develop healthy habits.

We will keep our goal in mind and provide more useful apps in the future.
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